Friday, 11 November 2011

Full Moon Camping at Coyote Flats, South of Salton City

Full Moon and Halo

Looking East

Looking Northwest, Santa Rosas in the background and the citylights of the Desert cities

Camping Set-up

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Desert Public Art, Southern California

Images taken from public art in the desert of Southern California, including Ricardo Breceda's metal sculptures in the Galleta Meadows Estate in Borrego Springs, Leonard Knight's Salvation Mountain, Niland, the Slab City's Water Towers, Niland and Frank Antone Martin's Desert Christ, Yucca Valley.


Couldn't find too much information on the two Water Towers but here is a link:

Galleta Meadows Estate: by Borrego Springs. Artist: Ricardo Breceda

Leonard Knight, Salvation Mountain, Niland

Slab City Water Towers, "Wheel of Karma" and another wheel, which has no name, but in the words of the 'Last Adventurer', the "Wheel of War"

Desert Christ, Yucca Valley
As envisioned by Eddie Garver, and put together by Sculptor Frank Antone Martin, dedicated in 1951

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Six and a Half Phases of Lena

Though first some news:

May 2011:

- Exhibition featuring the Salton Sea images in Yuma, Arizona at the Yuma Arts Centre and Galleries

The Gallery is located at 254 South Main Street Yuma, AZ 85364, telephone number is 928-329-6607.

Ongoing over the summer! Also featuring Jeni Bate, an artist from Salton City and other local artists.

- The second part to my Salton Sea Project has been completed, taking portraits and doing interviews with people who live and or work at the Salton Sea. Now it is onto putting together a book, which features the Portraits and the Voices of the Salton Sea. Will keep you updated!

- "Last Chance to Sea - the Evitable Decline of the Salton Sea" is selling well and is available to buy online at the Blurb online store.

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