Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Almost December and almost time for two events!

Here is your chance to find out more about the Salton Sea and the people who live and/or work there! Curious to know more about the Salton Sea and what really goes on there? Live in San Diego County? Or the Coachella Valley?

First up:

In the Del Mar Art Center on the 9th of December from 3-6pm:

A brief book reading at the beginning and then individual q&a and book signing! Refreshments will be served.


And the flyer:

The following day, Monday the 10th of December, brings me back to the Coachella Valley!

To the artist reception for a three person show at the Palm Desert Community Gallery for a show entitled "Portraits of the Desert" from 5.30pm-7pm.


Super excited about that as well!!

Refreshments will be served! Hope to see you there!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Now Available! "Portraits and Voices of the Salton Sea" Interviews and Portraits with residents, workers and conservationists at the Salton Sea

Now available for Sale :-) $30! + Shipping! ($5 US, $14 International) Paypal accepted: info (at) christinalange.com
Email/message me for any questions/comments!!

On the Friday, the 5th of October, I had an exhibition in Imperial at the Pioneers Museum, Southern California, and it made the press!!

Imperial Valley Press

Monday, 6 August 2012

The Deepness the Darkness

The deepness the darkness is an exploration into the human psyche and what it means to be fearful of something. In this case, the forest. The deep dark wooded, secretive, unknown, twisted and impenetrable forest. 

When I first arrived in Montana, where I knew I would be staying over the whole summer, I felt compelled to photograph the woods, perhaps in an attempt to exorcise my demons, attempt to confront the fear and control it rather than have it control me. Perhaps, over time, as I was spending a few months nestled amongst the forest, it became more familiar and thus less frightening. As it stands, I do see beauty in the forest and can venture out with a group of people walking through it as the day is long. But left to my own devices, the terror returns, the breath shortens, the pulse quickens, the imagination runs off to the darkest places, sounds become mysterious and amplified, and round the corner, there out of sight, just where you can’t see it, behind all those trees, gnarled branches and thick ivy, the demons lay, the evil lurks, crazies hide their sweat cascading over their faces, bodies rot and stink and there is no escape. 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

On Neighbourhood Watch

The following images are taken in the neighbourhood in Salton City on a full moon night. It ended up being cloudy, so couldn't see much of the moon... so I focused on what surrounded me on the ground level. One of the neighbours has a flourescent light in his front garden which colours the rest of the neighbourhood in this greenish tint.....

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Salton Sea Trip Day 2: Glamis Sand Dunes Area

East of the Salton Sea. Day 2 took us along the Coachella Canal and through Glamis before heading back to Salton City.

Coachella Canal

The varied ecosystems of Glamis Sanddunes with the Chocolate Mountains in the background

Bit of a slippery slope

Palo Verde

Traintracks - the type you want to start walking along on and go on forever

The trees are being used to shield the track from any winds which bring up the sand storm. Looking through here, it is hard to believe that these tracks are surrounded by desert and sand dunes.

Cemetary in Glamis. Who lays there? Not so sure. Miners? Perhaps. Or railway workers? Coffee drinkers?

Monday, 13 February 2012

Salton Sea Trip late January down South Day 1

The trip on the way to Slab City. Helicopters, fires, old historical buildings, ponds, mudpots, large dried up inlets. A varied day.

Helicopter being used for spraying - he came flying towards us and waved us to get the hell out of there

Flowers being sprayed

South end of the Sea - Canal running into the Salton Sea

Southern Salton Sea - flats getting drier and drier

Pond with I am guessing Algae

Inlet at the Salton Sea

Warning - Water may be shallow....

The tongue of a Mudpot

Little Volcanoes

The Adobe: a building with an interesting history: during the Prohibition in the twenties, it was a drinking den; in the thirties and fourties a Brothel and in the fifties at the height of the popularity of the Salton Sea, it became a Health Spa.

The old bathhouse with showers and toilets

Inside the bathhouse: Art and disused toilets

Old baths - the Adobe used to be a spa in the fifties. It is quite possible that there were natural hotsprings.

A hunter had accidentaly started a fire during the time that we were at the Adobe.