Saturday, 14 December 2013

Idaho, Utah and Nevada - A Brief Visual Journal

A selection of photos taken between Darby, MT and Salton City, CA.

Anyone who has ever said Idaho is rubbish has clearly never been there.

Also includes images shot in Nevada and Utah. A journal.

Evening sunlight drifting across idahoan hills

SlowMo  hot springs water

Hot Springs!!!! Not far from Stanley, Idaho

Redfish Lake, Idaho

Redfish Lake, Idaho

Happy Christmas, somewhere in Nevada in September


Water water everywhere at the Salt Flats

The dry Bonneville

Skies are breathing

Above the Bonneville Salt Flats

Ward Charcoal Ovens, NV 

Hunting and Shooting

Cathedral Gorge from up top

Cathedral Gorge

Spanish style train station, Caliente NV

For the full story and more photos of the incredible landscape, fun animals in nature, Slayer, rocks, Bonneville and more click here !

Monday, 29 July 2013

Young Guns Bozeman

Gallatin County Fair

Gallatin County Fair was pretty full-on and very busy. We were inside a hall alongside other free fun things to do for kids and had the luck of seeing Mango and Dango perform every time they did their stroll through the building.It was super cool!! We also did the bull ride, got to Level 3 even though it was the first time for the both of us (it's all in the hips!), did flips on the trampoline with harness, and I went with the girls on various rides. As it was also a 4-H fair, there were plenty of animals.

Mango and Dango Lift-Off

Mango and Dango

Beth - Train Operator

4-H Kid and Kid

Pig Judging

I love Goats

Turkey Head

Like a Mirror Image

Long Horn

Long Horn not impressed

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Big John - Big Bad John

Nascar. Scaled Down

Nascar. Scaled down.

The Tractor Pull

Pay the Bull Guy

Hilary flying through the air

That would be me flying through the air. Photo done by Hilary
Pick-Up Party: entertainers from the Fair at down-time

The amazing Allen from the Tractor Pull cooking beautiful food on the back of his pick-up


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Look Ma! No Hands!

Hilary rocking it on the bull. 1st time.

1st time on Bull.