Saturday, 25 February 2012

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Salton Sea Trip Day 2: Glamis Sand Dunes Area

East of the Salton Sea. Day 2 took us along the Coachella Canal and through Glamis before heading back to Salton City.

Coachella Canal

The varied ecosystems of Glamis Sanddunes with the Chocolate Mountains in the background

Bit of a slippery slope

Palo Verde

Traintracks - the type you want to start walking along on and go on forever

The trees are being used to shield the track from any winds which bring up the sand storm. Looking through here, it is hard to believe that these tracks are surrounded by desert and sand dunes.

Cemetary in Glamis. Who lays there? Not so sure. Miners? Perhaps. Or railway workers? Coffee drinkers?

Monday, 13 February 2012

Salton Sea Trip late January down South Day 1

The trip on the way to Slab City. Helicopters, fires, old historical buildings, ponds, mudpots, large dried up inlets. A varied day.

Helicopter being used for spraying - he came flying towards us and waved us to get the hell out of there

Flowers being sprayed

South end of the Sea - Canal running into the Salton Sea

Southern Salton Sea - flats getting drier and drier

Pond with I am guessing Algae

Inlet at the Salton Sea

Warning - Water may be shallow....

The tongue of a Mudpot

Little Volcanoes

The Adobe: a building with an interesting history: during the Prohibition in the twenties, it was a drinking den; in the thirties and fourties a Brothel and in the fifties at the height of the popularity of the Salton Sea, it became a Health Spa.

The old bathhouse with showers and toilets

Inside the bathhouse: Art and disused toilets

Old baths - the Adobe used to be a spa in the fifties. It is quite possible that there were natural hotsprings.

A hunter had accidentaly started a fire during the time that we were at the Adobe.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Slab City Talent Show January 2012

Been a while since any blog updates, been primarily working on my Salton Sea Project and on The Book. Getting there getting there. Grant money is needed. But getting there.

But had a weekend where exploration and discovery was of main importance and that was brilliant: On the journey we went to the southern part of the Salton Sea through all the back roads, spent the night at Slab City, then went and explored sanddunes the next day before heading back. First, here are the images of Slab City. It was so much fun.

Double click to see larger.