Friday, 31 July 2009

Camp Bestival 2009!!

Camp Bestival was a real treat! It was sunny the one day miserable the next but the music rocked. Lots and lots of awesome bands and dj's and comedians - skream vs benga, roots manuva, trojan sound system, andy c, dan le sac and scroobious pip, beardyman, hayseed dixie, candi staton, greg's great 78's, frankie boyle, and more... though didn't take that many of the bands partly cause the camera kit i bought with me was intentionally not for that purpose and partly cause i was too busy dancing away and partly cause i fancied taking peopleshots instead.

Doubleclick to see larger.

Boris on campground the night before the festival on a campground near Sandford.

This was still early on, soon the entirety of the valley became a small town of tents


Pippa whirling roundandround

Tatch and friend

Frankie Boyle!

too much too early!

Lulworth Castle in the background

Dorset Towncrier

our costumes were bats.

too much too early... minutes later he was asleep

Why is it so much fun to kick empty cans of beer?


rainrain goaway

A private moment

Andy C in the Bollywood tent