Monday, 13 February 2012

Salton Sea Trip late January down South Day 1

The trip on the way to Slab City. Helicopters, fires, old historical buildings, ponds, mudpots, large dried up inlets. A varied day.

Helicopter being used for spraying - he came flying towards us and waved us to get the hell out of there

Flowers being sprayed

South end of the Sea - Canal running into the Salton Sea

Southern Salton Sea - flats getting drier and drier

Pond with I am guessing Algae

Inlet at the Salton Sea

Warning - Water may be shallow....

The tongue of a Mudpot

Little Volcanoes

The Adobe: a building with an interesting history: during the Prohibition in the twenties, it was a drinking den; in the thirties and fourties a Brothel and in the fifties at the height of the popularity of the Salton Sea, it became a Health Spa.

The old bathhouse with showers and toilets

Inside the bathhouse: Art and disused toilets

Old baths - the Adobe used to be a spa in the fifties. It is quite possible that there were natural hotsprings.

A hunter had accidentaly started a fire during the time that we were at the Adobe.