Monday, 6 August 2012

The Deepness the Darkness

The deepness the darkness is an exploration into the human psyche and what it means to be fearful of something. In this case, the forest. The deep dark wooded, secretive, unknown, twisted and impenetrable forest. 

When I first arrived in Montana, where I knew I would be staying over the whole summer, I felt compelled to photograph the woods, perhaps in an attempt to exorcise my demons, attempt to confront the fear and control it rather than have it control me. Perhaps, over time, as I was spending a few months nestled amongst the forest, it became more familiar and thus less frightening. As it stands, I do see beauty in the forest and can venture out with a group of people walking through it as the day is long. But left to my own devices, the terror returns, the breath shortens, the pulse quickens, the imagination runs off to the darkest places, sounds become mysterious and amplified, and round the corner, there out of sight, just where you can’t see it, behind all those trees, gnarled branches and thick ivy, the demons lay, the evil lurks, crazies hide their sweat cascading over their faces, bodies rot and stink and there is no escape.