Saturday, 14 December 2013

Idaho, Utah and Nevada - A Brief Visual Journal

A selection of photos taken between Darby, MT and Salton City, CA.

Anyone who has ever said Idaho is rubbish has clearly never been there.

Also includes images shot in Nevada and Utah. A journal.

Evening sunlight drifting across idahoan hills

SlowMo  hot springs water

Hot Springs!!!! Not far from Stanley, Idaho

Redfish Lake, Idaho

Redfish Lake, Idaho

Happy Christmas, somewhere in Nevada in September


Water water everywhere at the Salt Flats

The dry Bonneville

Skies are breathing

Above the Bonneville Salt Flats

Ward Charcoal Ovens, NV 

Hunting and Shooting

Cathedral Gorge from up top

Cathedral Gorge

Spanish style train station, Caliente NV

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