Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Summer with the Young Guns: Chinook, Montana County Fair

Since the 10th of July, I have been traveling with and working for the lovely McDowell family who run Young Guns Entertainment - a Wild West themed Fun Park for kids under ten. Hilary the mother, her two daughters, Emma and Charley and myself are working our way around different county and state fairs throughout Montana and Wyoming.

First up: Chinook. A small town county fair which featured 4-H activities, us, a wonderful clown called Pippi, Marcus the Funny Man who Does Tricks and The Bull Guy among other entertainment. Chinook, which has about 1200 people, is on the Hi-Line, Highway 2, which runs parallel to the Canadian border. The ladies of Chinook make the best PIE ever. We ate them so fast that I didn't have the chance to get my camera out.

Pippi the Clown

Alice in Wonderland

Marcus the Funny Man who Does Tricks

Food Booth. 

Pippi painting faces

Blowing Plastic Bubbles

The Lions Club

Watching the Rodeo

Rockin the Bull - one of the best riders in the whole fair

First time on the Bull

Marcus Juggling

Butterflies and Polka Dots - Essences of Summer


Demolition Derby

Sun Tea

Chinook by Motel

Just due North of the Hi-Line Highway 2


Inside the Chinook Motor Inn