Thursday, 25 June 2009

Salton Sea

Over the next few weeks, I shall be putting up more of the California pictures in particular the one of the Salton Sea (which for whatever reasons haven't made it onto my website), the Mojave desert and Santa Ana, which is where I lived.

As a starter here is an image of a geo-thermal factory, harnessing the energy from underneath the earth's crust. The Imperial Valley is below sealevel and almost as low as Death Valley at about -200 feet.

With the editor of the Salton Seafarer, I went to see the aftermath of a fire which torched several of acres of the Dos Palmas grounds, making it quite a surreal and heated (literally) place to visit and photograph. Whilst in some ways reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic sceneary it was also incredibly beautiful. Not so good to be in need of breathing as every airful was filled with ash and burnt treestench.

The clouds, on the odd occassion when there were clouds over the Sea (as they tend to evaporate on the Western side of the mountains, were incredible as they wandered over the Sea, leaving behind these crazy dual landscapes, both heaven and earth meeting.