Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sweden March 2009

Went to visit an awesome friend of mine Helena in Stockholm for a long weekend in March.

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Helena at the Moderne Museet.

Little Man in a Box.

Harbour with palace in the background. Doesn't really look like a picturebook palace, more like a (dare i say it) communist hall of the peoples.

Save Tibet - campaigners lighting candles in the city square.


Baking Saffron buns.

Helena took me to a traditional Polska night, in which musicians were playing traditional Swedish folk songs and people were dancing the Polska. Helena taught me some steps. So we too were whirling round the musicians in the centre.

The narrowest alley in Stockholm. The plague may have started here, as buckets of human waste would be chucked out of the windows and into the alleyway...


Helena and Lena laughing, city centre.

Airport parking lot (not so many people in Sweden) - flights were delayed by 6 hours due to the heavy fog.